One Hour Can Change Your Life

Relax and focus - in one hour - at or near your home. Use your One Hour Retreat to get back on track - in your business, in your relationships, or in just being YOU!


What can you really accomplish in just one hour?

In one hour, you can:

•Get clarity about a troubling business or personal issue

•Outline a marketing plan for your business

•Relax your mind and body and refresh your spirit

•Start planning a vacation that will work for both you and your family

•Sketch out your newsletter articles for the next 12 months

•Draft two or three short articles or blog posts

•Restart your spiritual practice

•Jumpstart a project you've been putting off

•Let go of tension and get back to center

•Stop looping around in your mind and get something done (or at least started!)

How do the guided one hour retreats work?
Can you give me an example?

Sure. I'll e-mail you in advance of our appointment and ask you a couple of questions. Then, at the beginning of the retreat call, I'll ask you to declare your intention for the call, and we'll chat for a few minutes to help clarify both your intention and the potential stumbling blocks.

Then we might move into a centering exercise or visualization, followed by further discussion, brainstorming, and/or planning. You may even "come and go" within the hour – that is, you may leave to do some writing, or to make a phone call, or to do some brainstorming, and then come back to discuss what you've done.

We'll end by making a plan to carry your retreat forward into your daily life. You'll leave with a clear idea of the next step or two to move forward – whether your goal is to expand your business, set boundaries at home or work, or be more aware of your connection to Spirit.

What do you mean that I might "come and go" within the hour?

Most of my clients stay on the phone with me for the entire session, though I might stay on hold while they go off for 3 or 5 minutes to complete an exercise.

However, sometimes it becomes clear that the next step is to take an action, and that the best time to take that action is in the rest of the hour we've set aside for retreat. At first, the thought of ending the retreat early or taking time out in the middle might seem like wasting the retreat time you paid for. But sometimes, it is just crystal clear that the next step is to get off the phone and do something – and at those times, taking that action is worth every penny you've paid for the retreat.

Remember that this is entirely optional – you are in control of the retreat process.

I could definitely use some help getting clarity and focus. But to be honest, I'm a little leery of meditations and visualizations – that sounds pretty airy-fairy to me. I need practical solutions.

I understand completely, and believe me, I'm all about practical solutions. And - I find that the short centering exercises or visualizations are often my client's favorite part of the retreat.

These simple exercises use the power of the imaginative right side of your brain to cut through the stress, confusion and mental loops the left brain can sometimes fall into when faced with competing goals or priorities. And these exercises are completely optional. The retreat is a co-creative process. You are entirely in control - I will make suggestions, but you are free to accept, reject or modify any of the ideas I put forward.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact me at cheryl "at"