One Hour Can Change Your Life

Relax and focus - in one hour - at or near your home. Use your One Hour Retreat to get back on track - in your business, in your relationships, or in just being YOU!


Don't Be So Serious - Play!

Some people think of retreats as somewhat somber or serious or "deep" affairs.

And they certainly can be.  People frequently take retreats is to sort out a troubling issue or clear out some negativity that has built up.  And so the energy of retreat is often introspective, inward facing, quiet, and yes, somewhat "serious."  And amidst that energy one often finds in retreat a wellspring of quiet but very real joy.

But retreats do not have to be solo, quiet or serious.  They can be playful, fun, and creative.

In these dark, cold days of winter, it can be especially challenging to keep the spirit of play alive.

I recently stumbled across the "Society of the Secret Play Date."  Productivity through play - what a great way to spend a One Hour Retreat!    I haven't tried this yet, but here's the link, if you want to check it out:

And don't give me any of that "I'm just not creative" baloney.  I don't consider myself particularly artistic, but incorporating play and creativity into my days and weeks makes me a lot happier and more fun to be around - and more productive too.

Other ways you can play:

  • Turn on the radio and dance (no one is watching...)
  • Use crayons or markers to color in a coloring book
  • Knit, crochet, quilt, etc.
  • Write or record a short story for your child or grandchild - you know all her favorite themes
  • Bake
  • Build a snowman (go with the flow of winter, rather than fighting it)
  • Be like Fred Astaire and sing in the rain
  • Take a class - learn something new
  • Take a "field trip" to a local attraction you've never been to
  • Take in a performance you usually wouldn't (try hip-hop if you're a ballet nut, and vice versa)
  • Trade knock-knock jokes with a grade-schooler
  • Watch your favorite funny movie
  • [your ideas here]

I’ve been thinking a lot about play lately.  It just seems to keep coming up – my friends and my clients are all complaining that they want to be able to laugh at work, they want to have time to have fun and enjoy life, they want to stop and smell the roses. 

Play is an essential part of life.  Some high achievers seem to be happy working all the time - but that's because they have combined work and play in a way that is highly satisfying to them.  They literally play at their work.  And that's a great goal - and one I have some growing to do before I'll achieve.

Until then,  I vow to incorporate more play into my life, starting today.  Who's with me?


Get Your Project on Track with a Free One Hour Coaching Retreat (By Telephone)

International Coach Week Special

When you're in business for yourself, it can sometimes feel like everything needs to be done at once.  And the overwhelm of that can sometimes feel like it is taking all the fun out of what started out wanting to be a fun way to make a living!

And sometimes – despite all that needs to be done – we find ourselves procrastinating, and not doing much of anything. 

Enter the Guided One Hour Retreat.  One targeted hour with Cheryl Lyon, CPC , a certified life coach with a spiritual bent, a talent for seeing into the heart of things and the ability to chunk down tasks and see the natural order of things.   

Cheryl  (that's me) loves to help creative people who sometimes feel scattered or overwhelmed use their strengths to get things done, rather than spending all of their energy beating themselves up for not having enough self-discipline… or organization… or focus… or whatever. 

Use your session to:
  • Clarify your priorities and decide what needs to be done now and what can wait
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas
  • Get writing – on your blog, your newsletter, your webpage, or your e-book
  • Figure out how to use your time more effectively – and how to take some time off
  • Put together a project plan that will help you stay on track, without feeling boxed in
  • Explore ways to enjoy your work more AND find time to rest and play.
A bit about Cheryl:  I help professional women, solo-preneurs, and creative types stay on purpose and find ways of working that work for them.  I am a certified life coach.  When clients leave a session with me, they are usually calmer and more grounded AND they have a path forward – a concrete, practical plan to achieve their goals in ways that work for them.  

Most  of my recent clients have been women who consider themselves right-brained or creative and who sometimes struggle to do what they perceive to be left-brained tasks and to stay on track and get things done without feeling like they are on a forced march. I love to help women connect to their whole selves, stop beating themselves up, and use their strengths to find ways of working and getting things done that work for them.

These sessions are being offered at no charge in celebration of International Coach Week, to give more people a chance to experience coaching.  In lieu of payment, I request that you make a donation in whatever amount you choose to your favorite charity.  But that is entirely up to you.

This session is a real coaching session – not a consultation.  We will spend an hour focusing on whatever in your business needs the most attention right now.  (And if you're not sure what that is, we can start with clarifying that.)    This is a one-time, free-standing session – new clients only, please.  If we are having a grand time, I will ask you if you'd like to continue to work with me – but there will be no hard sell and no obligation, just an invitation. 

How to Claim Your Session:

Simply go to my online calendar at, and book yourself in.  Sessions are available at various times next week.  Only 8 sessions are available, so claim yours now before they are gone! 

Get clear, get focused, get going - and have a bit of fun along the way!
P.S. This offer is not limited to business owners or business projects.  If you have a personal project you need to get moving on, I'd love to coach you, too!  Book yourself into a session in my online calendar at and choose a time that works for you.