One Hour Can Change Your Life

Relax and focus - in one hour - at or near your home. Use your One Hour Retreat to get back on track - in your business, in your relationships, or in just being YOU!

Guided One Hour Retreats (Offered by Telephone)

Is this you?  You NEED a retreat - boy do you need a retreat!  And you love the idea of a short retreat.  But somehow you just never get around to taking one. 

Join the club.  I've discovered that, much as people love the idea of a short retreat, they often put off taking one until they are ready to collapse.

 What gets in the way?

1) Other things intervene.

2) People aren't sure what to do on their retreat.

3) It's REALLY easy to get distracted and fritter away the time.

 The problem with at home retreats is...

They are at home, amid all the distractions of home.

There is the constant temptation to "just" go put in that one load of laundry, or "just" read the comics in today's paper, or "just" go make a cup of coffee. And hey, while the coffee is brewing, you might as well "just" do those dishes, and "just" respond to that text, and "just" check your e-mails.

Before you know it, your precious retreat time has evaporated - gone up in smoke.

Without a leader and without a plan, it can be easy to lose focus.

 What's the solution?

Take a Guided One Hour Retreat by telephone.

 A Guided One Hour Retreat is:

Personalized. It is a retreat focused solely on you and your needs right now.

Convenient. You can take it in your home, at your office, or even in your car – anywhere you have access to a telephone!

Supported. You will be guided through the retreat by Cheryl Lyon, CPC, an experienced retreat coach.  I will provide exercises to help you relax and discharge emotion, fatigue and stress so that you can get to that place of clarity and focus.  And I will work with you to design a retreat that meets your needs and preferences.

Safe. Your retreat will be place of sanctuary, where you can vent and speak your peace, make your wants, needs and dreams known, and speak the truth, without fear of judgment. Our discussions are confidential.

Affordable. With no travel, lodging or meals costs, a guided retreat by telephone is affordable.

Scheduled.  When it's on your calendar, it gets priority.  The priority you deserve.

A great way to get relaxation, clarity and focus. Enough said.

 What You Get:

  • An opportunity to vent and then move beyond venting
  • A chance to hear yourself think and a sounding board to help you truly hear yourself
  • Questions to help you gain clarity
  • Brainstorming of ideas and solutions
  • A plan to carry your retreat forward, when you go back to your "real" life
  • Relaxation or meditative exercises (completely optional, and very popular)
  • An hour devoted completely to you and your needs and wants and dreams and challenges
 Your Time Investment

One powerful hour, focused on you and what you need right now. I offer daytime, evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

How To Schedule Your One Hour Retreat

Simply go to my online calendar at and choose a convenient time. I will bill you by e-mail, and you can pay securely by PayPal or credit card.  The investment for this powerful hour is $90.  I pay the phone charges, even on international calls. 

Don't delay - get on the path to more ease and joy, clarity and focus.  Get re-connected with your best self.  Give yourself the gift of retreat - schedule it now, before another day goes by!

Still not sure if a guided retreat is right for you?

I understand that you may have reservations about taking a retreat by telephone. My experience is that telephone retreats are convenient, affordable, and powerful. 

I offer a no-risk guarantee.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your retreat experience, simply tell me so at the end of our hour, and I will gladly refund your payment or offer you another hour of retreat coaching free, at your option.  Remember that we will co-create the retreat experience, so please make your wishes known as we go through the retreat call. 

For more information, check out these Frequently Asked Questions, or contact me at cheryl "at"

I look forward to "meeting" you for a retreat!


Cheryl Lyon, CPC
Writing and Retreat Coach
Winged Life Coaching