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A (Would-Be) Writer's Retreat

If you've ever dreamed of being a writer - whether of fiction or
non-fiction, a short story or a book, a poem or an instructional manual - you are probably aware of the existence of  "writer's retreats."  But, intriguing as they may sound, since you're not really a writer, you would never dream of actually attending one.  All those other writers - those accomplished writers, those writers who have gotten going, those writers who actually write - would be too intimidating.

Lest you are wondering, I say all that with tongue firmly in cheek.  But having coached many would-be writers, I also know that there is a lot of truth there. Every writer thinks his or her Writer's Block is unique, insurmountable, and possibly neurotic.

I invite you to experiment with using a series of One Hour Retreats to get yourself writing!

The beauty of the One Hour Retreat is that you can fit it in whenever you have time.  And whether you schedule it in advance, or just look for opportunities to sneak it in, your subconcious will start writing before you even take pen, pencil or keyboard in hand!

Tips for a Successful Would-Be Writer's Retreat

1) Set your intention to use your retreat time to write.  No excuses, no phone calls, no texting, no e-mail. Set an intention to use the time to write.  Even if what comes out is crap.  Even if can't think of anything original to say.  Even if you have "writer's block." 

2) Carry a notebook or sheet of paper with you at all times, to record random ideas that may suddenly pop up once you've set your intention.

3) When retreat time comes, write!  That may seem obvious, but if the dreaded Writer's Block tries to join your retreat, write anyway.  Write about your day, describe the space you are in, critique what you watched on television last night or write about a current joy or concern.  Just write!  You will likely find that if you just ignore Writer's Block and continue on, W.B. will get bored and decide to leave the party.

4) When your retreat time ends, acknowledge yourself for getting something on paper, whether it is golden prose or scattered fragments of ideas.  It is progress - acknowledge that  progress and invite more to come your way.

5) Start planning for your next One Hour Writer's Retreat.  And keep that notebook handy!

If Writer's Block just won't stop harassing you, then I invite you to schedule a Guided One Hour Retreat, using the link in the right sidebar.  I have a knack for helping people get clear about what it is they are trying to express and then get writing.  And I love watching "would-be writers" turn into writers.

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