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10 Questions for Your Next Retreat

For me, retreat is all about connection and clarity - first and foremost, taking the time to get connected to the wellspring within, and then, from that place, allowing myself to be open to receiving clarity about issues that are troubling me. 

If you are seeking clarity about something, here are ten of my all-time favorite retreat questions.  I use these often in my own retreats and on the guided retreats I lead for others.  Choose one or more for your next retreat.  Investing just five or ten minutes focusing on just one of these questions could turn out to be a great mini-retreat in itself.

10 Questions for Your Next Retreat

1.      What is going right right now?   (Alternate:  what do I have to be grateful for, amidst the chaos?)
2.      What would I like to create?
3.      What is the very next step?
4.      Am I “playing the victim” in any way?
5.      Am I “shoulding” on myself?  (i.e., saying to myself, I should…)
6.      How can I make this easier and/or more enjoyable?
7.      Am I fighting against “what is”?
8.      What am I hiding? (Alternate:  what don’t I want other people to know)
9.      What small change, if implemented consistently, would make the biggest difference in my life right now? 
10.    What wants to happen here?

Try these questions on for size - and feel free to share your own favorite questions in the comment box below.

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