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The Holidays are Coming - Retreat!

(Cue Paul Revere): The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

The annual Battle of the Holidays has begun. The shots heard round the world were fired on Black Friday and the media messengers will be inciting the troops until at least December 25th.

There may well be battles coming - battles to find the perfect gifts at rock bottom prices, battles to get the holiday cards out, battles to host and attend holiday parties, battles to deal with prickly relatives and battles to somehow keep your kids from finding out the truth about Santa Claus. Not to mention the year end crunch at work.

Do you feel your stress meter skyrocketing - your fight or flight response kicking in?

Use a time honored battle technique – RETREAT.

Not all battles are worth fighting. And sometimes the troops need to retreat in order to re-energize, reinforce and make a new battle plan.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the holidays. I love the music, the decorations, the food and the festivities. I love the Christmas trees, the carolers, the light shows, the Nativity and the glitz. But adding all of the holiday prep to an already packed schedule is a recipe for overload.

Now is the perfect time for a One Hour Pre-Holiday Retreat. Use your hour to let go of some stress, make your battle plan, plan your strategy and tactics, and build your inner reserves.

Your key strategy is your intention. You intention to remember the reason for the season, to spread holiday cheer, to enjoy time with loved ones and friends. Your tactics will be as individual as you are. Get together with your unit – your family, friends and co-workers - and make a plan. Make sure you are functioning as a unit - no need to have anyone get injured by friendly fire.

For more tips on getting though the holidays with your holiday spirit intact, see my article at

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