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Holiday Hangover? Don't Make it Worse with Ridiculous Resolutions

At this time of year, many of us suffer from a sort of "holiday hangover." The last few weeks have been filled with too much eating, too much drinking, too much shopping, too many things to do, too many late nights, too many social events with people we don't necessarily care for, and in general, just too much "stuff."

Wonderful as the holidays can be, we often finish them feeling depleted -- "hung over" either literally or metaphorically. There is no need to beat yourself up with a crash diet, a strict exercise regime, or an austerity budget. Be gentle with yourself - treat yourself as you would a beloved pet. Give yourself some good food (without over-feeding), move your body regularly in ways that you enjoy, and give yourself lots of love and attention. Find the play in the every-day.

Take a one-hour retreat to brainstorm strategies that will help you keep your focus on your well-being and happiness rather than on your cravings or aversions. Get focused on what you need to do to really nurture your body, mind and spirit this month and this year.

To your health, wealth and happiness in the coming year!

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